Onyx Virtual Studio
Onyx Control Panel
Onyx Control Panel is tabbed dialog application. It contains three main dialog boxes to configure and control the operation of the feature set provided by Onyx Virtual Studio.
User Interface for Virtual Studio: This dialog can be accessed by clicking "Virtual Studio" tab. The dialog box configures the video input streams used in a Onyx Virtual Studio session. When a stream is selected by double clicking it, it shows details of the stream and allows editing of the attributes.
User Interface for Skype Video Call: This dialog can be accessed by clicking "Skype Video Call" tab. The dialog box prompts for Skype credentials. After the successful login, the dialog box displays UI for making or accepting a Skype call. The video connection setup by making a call or accepting a call is used in the "UI Interface for Virtual Studio".
User Interface for Recorder: This dialog can be accessed by clicking "Onyx Recorder" tab. The dialog box displays UI to select audio and video input devices. Video stream from the Virtual Studio can be used for recording by selecting video input device as "Onyx Virtual Camera". This recorder can also be used take video input from other cameras or desktop.
Last modified 1yr ago
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