UI for Recorder

User Interface for Onyx Recorder

This interface can be launched by selecting the tab "Onyx Recorder" on the tab control of the application. The interface allows the user to select recording format and also select one of the available audio and video capture sources as described under the topic Onyx Recorder.

User can specify the output location and click record button to start recording. Once the recording is started, it can be paused and resumed or stopped using the corresponding buttons.

Use the the combo box "Input Audio" to select the audio source. Use the combo box "Input Video" to select the video source. Use the output format combo box to select the output format. Once the format is selected, it prompts for the file location. Use the record button to start recording. The button changes to stop state and pause button will be enabled. The recording can be stopped or paused/resumed.

Look at the topic Onyx Recorder for the details of available recording formats.