UI for Skype Video Cal

User Interface for Skype Video Call

This interface can be launched by selecting the tab "Skype Video Call" on the tab control of the application. The interface prompts for Skype credentials. On successful login the UI for making or receiving Skype Calls is displayed.

After entering the Skype account id and password and clicking the login, the status area is updated to show the Skype connection status and whether login is successful.

The Skype details UI shows the contact list retrieved from the Skype database. To make a Skype call, double click any row in the contact list and click the dial button. Alternately, the Skype ID can be entered in the edit control named as contact and the dial button can be clicked. The progress is shown in the status areas.

If the call contains incoming video, the Vid in LED in the panel glows green. If the video feed from the Onyx Virtual Camera is made active by Skype runtime libraries, then Vid Out LED glows green.

You can enter one or more Skype IDs in "Auto Reply" box and enable the check box adjacent to it. Any calls received from the Skype participants listed in the box are automatically answered.

The Audio Configuration button at the lower right corner of the dialog box can be clicked to launch a audio configuration dialog box that allows selection of audio input and output devices used by the Skype.

Once the Skype video call configuration is complete, you can switch to other dialog boxes i.e. Onyx Recorder or Virtual Studio. If a Skype call is made and connection is successful, it stays in that state, even the UI is switched to other dialog boxes.

For further details of the Skype video call look at the topic Skype Video Call.‚Äč