Input Devices

Onyx Recorder supports video input coming from any camera device with MJPEG, YUY2 or RGB32 bit raw video formats. The mixed video stream coming from the Onyx Virtual Studio is supplied to the Onyx recorder through a Virtual Camera interface. The same output from Onyx Virtual Studio goes to remote caller.

The recorded can be used to encode and record streams from any other cameras. It can also support desktop desktop capture. You can use the recorder as an independent application that support any capture device including Onyx Virtual Studio. The recorder can encode video to h.264 format and audio to AAC-LC format and mux them to either MP4 or TS/HLS container formats.

Selection of video input device using combo-box:

The combo box "Input Video" lists the available video capture devices in the system. User needs to select "Onyx Virtual Camera" for recording the composited video coming from Virtual Studio.

Selection of audio input device using combo box:

The combo box "Input Audio" lists the available audio capture devices in the system. User needs to select Stereo Mix for recording the audio stream that contains the conversation.

Selection of video capture device:

Onyx Virtual Camera

Use this device to capture the Skype video call mixed with Onyx Virtual Studio


Use this option, if desktop needs to be captured.

Do not capture Video

Use this option, if only audio needs to be recorded.

Selection of audio capture device:

Stereo Mix

This device is generally available on Windows 7 systems. This is a loop-back device that can be configured to mix Mic input and playback. This can be used during a Skype call to record. The stereo mix can mix both incoming and outgoing audio streams.

Micro Phone

Generally it can be used along with desktop capture.

Do not capture Audio

Use this option, if only video needs to be recorded.