Onyx for local sports
Onyx for local sports event authoring
Onyx can be used to mix multiple camera feeds focusing on different areas of the place of event such as soccer court. A video stream of a remote Skype video call participant or a local web cam can also be mixed. The background of this stream can be removed using green screen technique and the participant can act as an anchor of the event. The navigation features of the Onyx helps set focus on different camera feeds or showing all the views depending on where the attention is required. The composited video stream, along with audio from the anchor can be recorded in a live streaming format and will be ready for broadcasting over Internet using infrastructures such as Amazon S3.
The composited video stream along with the audio can be recorded in the mp4 or HTTP Live Streaming format. The current version of the Onyx uses software encoder and limits the compressed stream to a resolution of [email protected] Future versions can support HW based encoding that can support 1080p.
If the HTTP Live streaming format is used for recording, it can be readily distributed by setting up a broadcast channel using network infrastructures such as Amazon S3. Amazon S3 provides a highly scalable distribution scheme.
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