Skype Video Call
Onyx Virtual Studio can used the video coming from remote participant during a Skype video call to mix with other video streams and 3D graphics and can send the composited video to the caller using virtual camera interface. It can also record the composited stream on the local disc in various container formats. The UI used to make the Skype video call or accept the call is described under the topic UI for Skype Video Call.
Onyx uses Skype executable binaries called Skype runtime provided by Skype to get access to the Skype video interfaces to access the incoming video. Onyx uses a virtual camera device to feed the composited video to the Skype. The audio path is not intercepted except for providing the user interface for selecting the audio input and output devices. The Skype runtime is launched along with the Onyx Control Panel and closed when Onyx Control Panel exits. When the Onyx Control Panel is not running, Skype desktop applications and other third party Skype plug-in should run as usual.
Please note, if you are sharing video (composited in Onyx) with a remote participant, the participant should be in your Skype contact list and video sharing option should be enabled in your Skype video settings. This setting should be done with Skype Desktop application. However the Skype desktop application does not need to run, while using Skype Video call with Onyx.
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