Auto Reply

The auto reply feature facilitates the known expected participants to join the call automatically. Fill in the skype IDs of the expected participants in the Auto Reply box and enable the check box adjacent to it. When a remote participant calls you, the Onyx checks the auto reply list and automatically accepts the call and the received video appears in the Onyx Virtual Studio panel mapped to Skype video call. If the caller id is not in the list, Onyx waits for the user to accept/reject the call. If the user does not respond within time out duration, the call is rejected.

Configure Onyx for Auto Answering Skype Video Calls 1. Click "Skype Video Call" tab 2. Enter Skype credentials and Login to Skype 3. Enter the Skype IDs that you want to authorize to access security cameras in "Auto Reply" box.

1.Click on "Virtual Studio" tab 2. Select row containing "display1" and click "Edit Selection" button. 3. In the configuration dialog box, select IP Cam as source and specify the IP address of the Camera in the dialog box that opens. 4. Repeat steps 2&3 for additional cameras and map to "display2" and "display3"

Click "Save Changes" button to save modifications. Click "Launch Onyx" button to start Onyx Virtual Studio.

Accessing the Onyx From a Remote Skype Application

When you want to access the Onyx from a remote location, make a video call from the device supporting Skype Video Calls(for example your iPhone). The call will be answered by the Onyx and you can see your Security cameras.

You can also switch focus to a specific camera using Skype Dial Pad.

Press 1 to set focus to camera mapped to "display1", 2 for camera-2 and 3 for camera-3.